Fashion brand IVL Pillars

Fashion brand IVL : Wearable.
Creativity: The art and design will be handled by the head of design and co-founder DaDuke. Art will be approved by community. Artistic collaboration will be vote by the community.
Technology: Wearables can be interoperable assets to be deploy in different metaverses at the same time. Or can be not interoperable, deploy separately unique metaverse. We will deploy both.
Marketing: To get traction, we need to focus on content, influence, collabs and other aspect that establish the best marketing strategy.
Distribution: A strong focus on points of sell in defferent metaverse will be the key to secure the business (Metaverse shop, NFT platforms, Wholesales, gallery …)
Profitability: Wearable retail multi-blockchain and multi-metaverse will secure the Katmonstarz vault